Vape stores in Moscow

We welcome you at the English site of the Vardex company – leading network of vape shops in Moscow.
You can buy electronic cigarettes and e-liquid directly in one of our retail vape stores in Moscow.

AddressSubwayTelephone and work schedule
Vape shop Vardexг. Москва,
Бунинская Аллея, 7
Пн-Вс: с 09:00 до 21:00
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Vape shop Vardex5.0Khimki,
Prospekt Melnikova, 15
Rechnoy Vokzal
Mon-Sun: 10:00 to 22:00
newWe have opened!
Vape shop Vardex4.9Moscow,
Митинская улица, д.55
Pyatnitskoe Shosse
Mon-Fri: 9:00-21:00 Sat-Sun: 10:00-2:00
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Vape shop Vardex4.7Moscow, TC "Semenovskiy Passage",
B. Semyenovskaya St, 49А
Пн-Пт: с 09:00 до 21:00 Сб-Вс: с 10:00 до 21:00
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Vape shop Vardex4.8Moscow,
Zvozdniy Boulevard, 1
Mon-Fri: 09:00 to 21:00 Sat-Sun: 10:00 to 21:00
newWe have opened!
Vape shop Vardex4.9Moscow,
Simferopol boulevard, 15/5
Mon-Fri: 09:00 to 21:00 Sat-Sun: 10:00 to 21:00
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Vape shop Vardex5.0Moscow, TEC "Khorosho",
Khoroshevskoye Shosse, 27
Mon-Sun: 10:00 to 22:00
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Vape shop Vardex4.9Moscow, TC "Tishinka",
Tishinskaya Square, 1/1
Mon-Sun: 10:00 to 21:00
newWe have opened!
Vape shop Vardex5.0Moscow, TC "Taganskiy Passage",
Taganskaya Ulitsa, 3
Mon-Sun: 10:00 to 22:00
newWe have opened!
Vape shop Vardex5.0Moscow, TEC "Lyubimiy",
Michurinskiy Prospekt, 58/1
Michurinskiy prospekt
Mon-Sun: 10:00 to 22:00
newWe have opened!

About Vardex

Vardex is the largest retail chain of vape shops in Moscow and the official distributor of Joyetech brand, known for it’s innovation and high quality. The company products are highly regarded by millions of users all over the world.

We can offer a wide range of the best e-liquid of russian and foreign manufactures. You will be surprised by our selected aroma specter: spectacular tobacco combinations, rich juicy fruit mixes, delicious dessert tastes and much more.

Looking forward to seeing you in our vape stores in Moscow!

Bad Drip
Electro Jam

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Starter Kits & Box Mods

Most popular vape mods and e-cigarette kits for starters.


A wide selection of worldwide known e-juice and best local e-liquids.

Taste: Blueberries, pomegranate and v...
1 420
Taste: Pineapple lemonade with ice
Taste: A rich fruity mix of kiwi and ...
Taste: Banana jam and frosting donut
Taste: Cooling black currant cream so...
1 310
Taste: Exotic mix of mango, guava, or...
1 090
Taste: Blueberries with ice
Taste: Virginia tobacco with honey
Coil Heads & Coils

Only original coil heads and coils for popular atomizers.

Цена за упаковку 5 шт.
1 500
Цена за упаковку 5 шт.
Цена за упаковку 5 шт.
1 450

Find the most needed accessory for your electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes were invented back in 2004 and they still a relatively new phenomenon, almost completely unregulated by any laws.

In Moscow, electronic cigarettes and e-liquid have nothing to do with tobacco products and do not fall under government laws, which explicitly prohibit smoking in most public places, including public catering establishments, transportation, etc.

It is not forbidden to vape an electronic cigarette almost everywhere, and for the moment vaping is regulated only by the common sense of the vaper himself and also by some local rules operating in a certain place. For example, you can't use your electronic cigarettes on board of the most airlines, at the airport and inside the Moscow public transportation vehicles and stations. This is not due to the potential danger of electronic cigarettes, but to the inability to control other passengers, because if one of them will use an electronic cigarette - someone will definitely decide that you can smoke freely, or smoke can provoke panic. Hereby, there is only one rule - do not vape where you would not smoke. And, of course, we must bear in mind that the vapor from the electronic cigarette can still cause justified irritation and discontent among the surrounding people.

One more thing - although the sale of electronic cigarettes is not restricted in any way and is not regulated by law, electronic cigarettes and liquid for them are not provided to persons under 18, regardless of the content of nicotine in the liquid.

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Официальные поставки
Вардекс - официальный реселлер Joyetech

ООО «Вардекс» с 2010 года является официальным реселлером Joyetech, а с 2014 года – эксклюзивным представителем марки на территории Российской Федерации и стран Таможенного Союза.

Покупая в Вардекс, Вы можете быть уверены в том, что Ваши права, как потребителя, полностью защищены и тщательно соблюдаются. Мы действуем в полном согласии с законом "О защите прав потребителей" и беспрекословно выполняем все его требования. Вся продукция поставляется непосредственно с заводов-производителей, с которыми мы имеем прямые контракты. Покупая у нас, Вы покупаете только оригинальную продукцию.

На товары под маркой Joyetech мы предоставляем гарантию сроком на 6 месяцев, на товары Eleaf, Wismec и Vaporesso – сроком на 3 месяца.

Вардекс - официальный реселлер Joyetechгарантия на товары Eleaf 3 месяцагарантия на товары Wismec 3 месяцагарантия на товары Vaporesso 3 месяца

На некоторые категории товаров действует расширенная гарантия, в рамках которой мы заменяем неисправное устройство на новое по первому обращению пользователя, без проведения дополнительной экспертизы в сервисном центре.

Вардекс – это компания, которая полностью соблюдает все правила торговли и законы, принятые в Российской Федерации, платит все положенные налоги и сборы, ввозит и продает продукцию исключительно официальным путем, с оформлением всех необходимых документов и чеков.